Hours & locations for mat or chair sessions in Boulder:
Bodywork Bistro
1100 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO
Tuesdays 10 - 2pm
Thursdays 10 - 2pm
Call 303-440-1992 to schedule during these times.

Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center
3825 Iris Avenue, Boulder, CO
Tuesdays 4 - 8pm
Call 303-440-1992 to schedule during these times.

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Shiatsu bodywork therapy is a Japanese mat (futon) style. A clothed body therapy, Shiatsu utilizes the same meridian structure (lines of energetic flow) as in acupuncture. Finger pressure (shi = finger, atsu = pressure) along these meridian pathways distinguishes Shiatsu bodywork from other Asian mat styles. It is often referred to as "acupuncture without the needles." As in acupuncture, talking and palpation are among the assessment tools used to hone-in on the receiver's needs. Along with asking, I use abdominal palpation to addresses my client’s body in the exact moment he or she comes to receive body work. Most characteristic of my work is direct pressure along the torso, limbs, hands, feet and head, joint rotations, joint mobilization, stretches, and specific pressure on treatment points.

This ancient healing art is the modality best suited for me. Being petite and limber, shiatsu allows me to use my entire body weight when necessary. Shiatsu affords me the ability to connect with the receiver while observing mind and body coordination within myself. It has been my honor to witness incredible healing events since beginning my practice in 1998. I have treated cancer survivors, women through pregnancy, infants and children, athletes, people in deep transitional phases and folks with work-related discomfort. Shiatsu is appropriate for all ages.